+++UFU's spotted over Brussels+++

The French designer Damien Chivalle has put a greenhouse on top of a container housing an aquarium with fish. Their water and faeces feeds the plants in the greenhouse, which in turn purifie the water, which is then returned to the aquarium. The result: a self-regulating city-farm the size of a parking space. On display in Paris, Lisbon, Zürich and Brussels. UFU after Burning Ice You’ll be able to visit the UFU once again during Bruxelles les Bains and at the beginning of next season.

Tu 5/06, 18:00 + We 6>Sa 9/06, 12:00>20:00 + before & after the performances, Akenkaai/Quai des Péniches, 1000 Brussels

Il reste des places pour l'initiation en permaculture en juillet!

Au menu de l'apéro acoustique ce vendredi 22 juin...